IGK Update

We’ve started tracking Josh from IGK. We are about halfway through one track of rhythm guitar on six tracks. We are running him through a Mesa Dual Rectifier. We’ve mixed and matched up a bunch of mics and pres so we will have a ton of flexibility later. I can’t wait to start mixing this stuff.

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Even more stuff

We’ve added a Neve 1073 DPA Pre and a Manley Variable MU. Yay.

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More stuff.

We’ve added an Empirical Labs El8X-S Distressor in our quest for maximum compressedtasticness. Also, we’ve picked up a Dangerous Music 2 Bus LT for extra fun. Thanks to Vintage King for all their help!

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IGK Update

We just finished bass tracking with Shawn from IGK for their new album. For those who are wondering, we ran a PR40, 4033, TLM103 and an RE-20 into an ISA428 from his 8×10 in addition to a direct signal from Shawn’s head. Guitar tracking with Josh should start soon. Stay tuned.

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More new gear!

We recently added a new Symphony 16×16 interface, a Manley Dual Mono pre-amp, an API 3124 pre-amp and two DBX160a compressors along with a host of patch options. Everything is racked in ATA racks and is fully mobile so we can record anywhere we can put our gear. Eventually, we will add more pre-amps and another 16×16 card for the Symphony so we can record up to 32 channels at a time. Thanks to Jeff at Vintage King for all his help! I can’t recommend them highly enough.

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New gear!

We’ve picked up some Mesa gear thanks to the folks at Supersonic Music in Topeka. We’ve added a Dual Rectifier, a Mark V and a 4×10 bass cab to the arsenal. Check the gear page for the full list of stuff. More gear coming in the very near future.

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IGK in the studio

IGK entered the studio with Violent Pacification Records to work on their upcoming, untitled release. Drum tracking is complete and we have started tracking bass. Check back here or at IGKmusic.com for updates!

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New studio gear arrives!

Our arsenal of mics arrived last month thanks to the fine people at Vintage King! Check out the gear page to see what we’ve got available.

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Iron Guts Kelly’s Killology

Iron Guys Kelly’s new CD, Killology, is now available at their website.

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